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About Us

Hello, we are Nuna 
Nuna represents leading international companies from various categories, partnering them with the largest retailers in Israel to best meet their scalability requirements for reliable, value for money products and brands.
Aimed to be the preferred business partner of our suppliers and customers, we offer one stop solution of distribution, regulation and sales, all with our personal attention and the highest level of service.      
Family owned, Nuna is a sister company of the KENNEDY company established 40 years ago.  KENNEDY is active in two main areas: 
Home appliances market, Real estate  


We relate to our clients and suppliers as partners. We develop strong relationships based on trust and respect. We focus on staying in communication, anticipating needs and opportunities for our client's success.   

We are transparent, honest and loyal in all interactions with our employees and partners.  We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professionalism and personal attention.  

We are committed to our partners' success and satisfaction in every step of the way. We aim to the best solution for each of our clients that gives him the best VFM without compromising on quality and needs.  
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